New Smyrna Masonic Lodge No. 149

Chartered January 22nd, 1896 - The Worshipful Master requests your attendance for all communications. Please review the information contained herein.

Trestle Board – May 2022

From the East

My brothers all, I hope this message finds you all healthy and safe. First, I would like to thank our guest speaker, Michael D. Setzer, PGM for his lecture on Mentoring. After his talk it was refreshing to be approached by our lodge members, eager to mentor.

As our third officers/committees meeting is complete the projects are coming together. The air conditioners in the kitchen and lodge room are repaired and back in service, our Facebook page is being fine-tuned, the past master’s dinner is scheduled, and invitations are being mailed out. We are still taking quotes for the kitchen door replacement, the internet service for the Eastern star is ordered, we are starting to receive information for the Grand Communication and practice continues for our upcoming degrees.

I would like to thank Robert Wheeler and Walter Layton, PM for the excellent Shoot-O-Rama. It was great to see so many brothers at this event, and of course the famous quote from Walter Layton, PM, “Nobody got hurt” sums it all up! Our activities committee under the direction of Robert Wheeler, will continue to plan events for our brothers and their families.

Again, I must remind the craft that this is “our lodge.” Please attend the meetings as frequently as you can. If you have ideas present them, get involved in degree work, take a position, but most of all remember when you signed your initial petition you agreed to attend meeting and get involved!

In closing, my brothers all, join me in my prayers to all our sick brothers, their families, our military, first responders, police, fireman, and all medical personal!


From the West

Brothers All,

Another month has come and gone. The time has changed and the hot weather is back. Your lodge is running smoothly with a couple of degrees in the works. I want to personally thank everyone who is responsible for making sure everything gets done according to the plan the Worshipful Master has set forth for this year. It takes everyone of us to come together to make this possible. What’s the old saying, “Your only as good as those around you, and we have what it takes.

Glen E. Good PM PDDGM

From the South


Greetings from the South!

April was a blast and May is shaping up to be the same! We’re practicing and preparing for our next Master Mason Degree, your officers are getting ready to represent you at Grand Lodge, and we’re seeing more numbers at Lodge again. The new window coverings will be installed soon, and we’re looking forward to a nice refreshing, clean look in the lodge. We’re working hard to bring more information nd education to our communications, and I would love to hear ideas for topics that you would like us to cover.

I leave you with another great quote from another great Mason!

“Freemasonry teaches not merely temperance, fortitude, prudence, justice, brotherly love, relief and truth, but liberty, equality, and fraternity, and it denounces ignorance, superstition, bigotry, lust, tyranny and despotism.

– President Theodore Roosevelt

I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at Lodge soon!

Jonny Magill

Junior Warden 2021

New Smyrna Lodge #149

From the Secretary’s Desk

Brothers, don’t forget to get your 2022 dues into the secretary’s office. Grand Lodge Communications is coming up the end of May. If you would like a copy of the 2022 proposed legislation, and if you are planning to attend Grand Lodge, contact your secretary and I will put your name on the list. I will email you a copy of the proposed legislation. Don’t forget to contact the secretary’s office if your phone number, address or any pertinent information for you or your family has changed so I can change the information in our records. Also, please call or email us if you, a family member or a brother is in the hospital, having surgery or just need someone to talk to. The chaplain or one of the lodge officers will call them. Check us out on Facebook. You will see activities, articles and updates there also.

Charity of the Month

May Charity was Jeep Beach Inc. for $200.00.

2022 Scholarships: New Smyrna Lodge 149 awarded 4 scholarships in the amount of $2000.00 each to the following seniors: The Melissa Bassett Memorial Scholarship at New Smyrna High School. Austin Edison McLaughlin and Caitlyn Hanna Richards. The Thomas Worrell Memorial Scholarship to Tiffiny Lee Kinsler, and Natalie Christine Milholland. The scholarship awards were presented and voted on at th 4/18 stated communication. 

2022 Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master: Robert Segarra (727)623-6399

Senior Warden: Glen E. Good PM, PDDGM (386)717-6611

Junior Warden: Jonny Magill (817)690-0401

Treasurer: Stephen Kenney (908)420-6615

Secretary: A. J. Winterwerp, PM (386)423-2370

Assistant Secretary: Robert L. Wheeler (386)423-2379

Chaplain: Richard Kicklighter, PM (386)566-0018

Marshal: Walter G Layton, PM (856)498-7186

Senior Deacon: Samuel E. Adams (386)846-0284

Junior Deacon: Steven Lane, PM (412)292-1444

Senior Steward: Walker Powell (386)405-8493

Junior Steward: Timothy Brown (412)848-9024

Tyler: Herbert (Bud) Bacheller


AT THE MARCH 7th STATED COMMUNICATION, THE BROTHERS PRESENT VOTED THE LODGE TO BE DARK ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: JULY 4th, AUGUST 1st, AND SEPTEMBER 5TH.. We will have meetings on July 18th, August 15th, and September 19th. In October the lodge will resume 2 meetings a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays.


Master Masons Assoc. meeting 4/6/22, stated meeting 4/04 and 4/18 Stated Communication. Open Books the 4th Saturday of the month.

Activities Committee

Our May event is sponsored by Bro. Len Morreale of Landmark Lodge. They are taking the DeMolay boys (young men) to a Tortugas game on May 25 at 6:30 and we are all invited. That means moms, dads, kids and friends. This is the deal of the year my brothers. It’s belly buster night. $11 gets you into the game and includes all of the pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and popcorn you can shove down your neck. Please read the previous sentence again. Yep, it’s true. Give your wife a night off from the kitchen and go catch a ball game. The rub is that you cannot purchase your ticket at the gate. All tickets must be purchased in advance by Bro. Len. The cutoff for ticket sales is April 15. To simplify things, you can contact me and I will get a block of tickets from Len or you can contact him directly at 407-401-3876. I hope to see another great turnout.

June’s event will be axe throwing in Daytona. I don’t know anything about it, but JD Steve Lane assures me that it will be a good time. He doesn’t know it yet, but due to my ignorance, I’m gonna lean on him to spearhead this one. Any questions, please call Bro. Steve.

I hope to put together a district wide friends and family offshore fishing charter on the Sea Spirit in July, but that is still a way off. In closing, I thank you all for the success we are having this year. Our lodge is in a great place and going strong because of your interest and participation. Let’s keep it going.

Fraternally, Bob Wheeler


Travis J Barrett Kevin Marvin Szkolnik Robert Donnell Schmid Joseph D Portera

Shannon K Florian Joseph William Fay Kenneth R. N. Pennacchini II

James Albert Matthews Randall W. Johnson

Norman Richard Meadows


Michael  S Carter 5/1 David E Irons 5/1 Kyle D Pensinger 5/1

James F Murphy 5/2 Edward g Kadet 5/3 George W Waite5/3

Ronald R Wright 5/3 George M Pilcher Jr 5/4 Robert D Schmid 5/4

Peter W Gordon 5/5 Timothy S Leister 5/5 Jerry C Sapp Jr 5/5

James I Webb 5/5 Gregory G White 5/5 Louis E Keffer 5/6

John A Kern 5/6 Leon A Pike 5/7 Robert E Tompert 5/9

Hal Stuble 5/11 Hugh J Bourne Jr 5/12 Scott Gilman 5/13

Rebel L Glover 5/13 Mathew Hare 5/13 Dennis D Thomas 5/14

Charles R Carnes 5/17 Robert L Hart 5/18 James Baldwin 5/19

Dylan G Woods 5/21 Terry L Irwin 5/22 Serafim Oreopulos5/22

Harold Powell 5/23 Chris E Hutchison 5/24 Allen J Winterwerp 5/25

Michael A Fabula 5/27 Randall W Johnson 5/27 Raymond A Bilotta 5/30

Walter G Layton 5/30 Phillip A Hudson 5/31 Joel A Meister 5/31

Steven R Thomas 5/31

Sickness and Distress

Brother Ed Milton Halligan Jr passed to the Celestial Lodge above 2/17/22, let’s keep his family in your prayers. Tommy Turlington- progressing slowly. John Greaves – progressing slowly (Systemic type arthritis/ infection) Lucky Kicklighter- overall improvement- prostate. Doug Everson – caring for his wife. Mark King – waiting for vascular surgery. Keep our brothers both home and abroad, first responders, and all our brothers who are home bound, in nursing homes, and the brothers who we don’t know who are sick in your prayers.

The Grand Lodge of Florida F. & A. M.


M∴W∴ Robert J Lambert

12404 Danby Court

Tampa, Florida 33626-2444


RW Robert C. Sands

1448 Primrose Lane

Daytona Beach, Fl. 32117-1836

(386) 453-8557


RW Glen E. Good

6108 Del Mar Drive

Port Orange, Florida 32127

(386) 717-6611

New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 Committees

FINANCE: Glen E Good, AJ Winterwerp, Steve Kinney, Donald H. Tucker 

VIGILANCE: Jonny Magill, A J Winterwerp, Steven Lane

PETITIONS: Walter Layton, A J Winterwerp, Donald H Tucker, Glen E Good, Jonny Magill, Samuel Adams Howard C. Chase III

MASONIC EDUCATION: Tom Aiken, Donald H. Tucker, Glen E Good, Donald Needham, Henry Davis

BOARD OF RELIEF: Master and Wardens

CHARITY: Master and Wardens

LODGE MENTORS: Glen E Good, Donald H Tucker, Dominick Tesoriere, Donald Needham

LODGE PROPERTY: Glen E Good, Jonny Magill,


COMPUTER/FACEBOOK: Jonny Magill, Charles Lindner, Samuel Adams

KITCHEN: Jonny Magill, Walker Powell, Tim Brown

BOYS SCOUTS: Donald Needham, Jonny Magill


Thank you to Illustrious Dominic Tesoriere who is now one of our Lodge Mentors.

Masonic Education


Under normal circumstances the Brethren should endeavor to be present when the Lodge is open and remain until it is closed. There are times when almost everyone must be late, or circumstances which force him to leave before Lodge is closed. A Brother wishing to enter a Lodge after it is opened simply informs the Tyler who will make the alarm and inform the Junior Deacon that the Brother is properly clothed and avouched for and desires to enter. When the Master give his permission to enter the Brother simply approaches the alter, salutes the Master, using the proper sign, and awaits invitation to be seated. If you wish to retire, approach the altar, salute the Master and when he returns the salute you are permitted to retire.


Balloting is another area which should be explored by the new Mason to determine the course which he should pursue in exercising this privilege. None but Members of the Lodge have a right to ballot, and no Member present can be excused from the ballot on any question before the Lodge, except by a vote of the Lodge, upon good cause shown; nor can a Member be permitted to retire from the Lodge to avoid casting his ballot. The white balls are the affirmative or favorable ballot; the black cube is the negative or unfavorable ballot. If the individual knows nothing against the petitioner and his own inquiries have brought light no unfavorable information, the word of the candidate’s vouchers should be accepted and a favorable ballot cast. If, on the other hand, a knowledge of the petitioner indicates that he is unworthy, one should not hesitate to use the black cube to protect the Lodge from undesirable Members. Let each Mason as he approaches the ballot box examine his own motives and pray that the ballot, he is about to cast will do justice to the candidate, to Freemasonry, and to himself. Thus, Freemasonry has in the past and will continue in the future, to build a membership of worthy sons. If in doubt vote in favor of the Lodge and Freemasonry. The Right to Secrecy of the Ballot is guaranteed by Masonic Law, and custom allows each Member to have perfect freedom in balloting on petitioners. No brother may disclose a favorable ballot for a petitioner and no Mason has the right to inquire into how another voted on a particular candidate.