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Trestle Board September 2017

New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F&AM

300 N. Riverside Dr.

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 

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From the East

Brothers, as I’m sure most of you know by now, hurricane Irma has devastated 2 of the lodges in our13th district.  Ormond Lodge #326, and Halifax Lodge #81 both ended up with severe damage to their buildings. It could be several Months until they are able to repair their lodges for use again. We, at New Smyrna Lodge have been blessed that no damage was sustained to our lodge. We have offered to those lodges, the use of our lodge for their meetings. We have worked on a schedule that will accommodate everyone in need of using our lodge. We will open our doors and our arms in brotherly love until they can get their lodges back in working order. It would be great if all of the brothers involved can support each other during this trying time. On a more positive note, at our last meeting, September 18th, we held the final ballot on the resolution for Daytona Lodge #270 to merge with our lodge. The ballot was unanimous!  That was the final step in making the merger happen.  Our Secretary W:.A.J. Winterwerp and Daytona’s secretary W:. Howard Chase have worked long and hard to make this merger happen. I would like to thank both for making this a reality.  I would also like to thank all the brothers at each lodge who have supported us in this endeavor.  W:. AJ and W:. Chase are going to drive to the Grand Lodge in Jacksonville personally and deliver the paperwork on Thursday the 21st.  The future is looking great! Also, at our last meeting, we had the pleasure of having Boy Scout Troop #436 join us for dinner and the flag presentation. A couple of boys from that Troop came to the lodge after the hurricane and assisted our secretary in cleaning up our grounds.  We also made one of their members, Bryce Sparks, our charity of the month. Bryce is working on a project to attain his Eagle Scout patch.  New Smyrna Lodge donated $100 toward the project with members donating another $338 out of their pockets, totaling $438 toward his project.  I am so proud of our members for stepping up for a great cause!  Good Luck Bryce on your endeavor for the Eagle Scout Patch! Our next Stated communication will be on October 2nd.  Hope to see you all there.


W:.M:. Walt Layton

From the West

Welcome Brothers from Daytona Lodge No.270.We are happy but sad to see you be part of New Smyrna Lodge. Happy because we together as a Lodge will excel to new and better things. Sad, because of you having to close your doors and merge with us for various reasons. This is a new day for our Lodge. The Lodge is gaining some GREAT Brother! We have a lot going on in our building with the Lodges hit by the hurricane using our Lodge until they can get back into their home Lodges again. Welcome to these Brothers and Sisters also. Don’t forget that elections of Officers are only a few months away. Think seriously about being an officer in 2018. Great things will be happening and be part of it. As you read below in this Trestle Board and see a paragraph that was read for Masonic Education at the last Stated meeting, take time and think about what the paragraph is saying. Be part of your Lodge, voice your opinion, give your officers fresh ideas and direction you want YOUR Lodge to grow and proceed. Remember Brothers, you only get out of Masonry and your Lodge what you put into it. Please get involved.


Mark King SW

 Brothers, this was read at the Stated Communications on September 18th, 2017 and the Brothers present ask for it to be put in the Trestle Board:


Are you an active member? The kind that would be missed? Or are you just contented That you name is on the list? Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the crowd? Or do you stay at home and crab long and loud? Do you take an active part and help the Lodge along? Or are you satisfied to be the kind to just belong? Do you ever go to visit a member who is sick? Or leave the work for just a few and talk about the clique? There is quite a program scheduled that means success if done. And it can be accomplished with the help of everyone. So attend the meetings regularly, and help with hand and heart, Don’t be just a member, but take an active part. Think this over, Member, are we right or are we wrong? Are you an active Member? Or DO YOU JUST BELONG!! 


Pictures from Brother Robert Bartlett receiving his 70 Year Certificate and Pin from Grand Lodge on October 2nd, 2017 Stated Communications

Brother Bartlett receiving the Certificate

Brother Bartlett receiving the Certificate from R:. W:. Junior Grand Warden Tommy Turlington


Brother Bartlett receiving his Grand Master's pin and a pin from the Lodge

Brother Bartlett receiving his Grand Master’s pin and a pin from the Lodge by R:. W:. Donald H. Tucker

Brother Bartlett saying a few word to the Craft

Brother Bartlett saying a few word to the Craft


Worshipful Master Walter G. Layton (Edie) (856)498-7186 walteed50@yahoo.com

Senior Warden  Mark E. King (Bonnie) (386)957-3075  coldduck625@aol.com

Junior Warden  Dave Drake  (386)314-3566  captaindavedrake@gmail.com

Treasurer  Stephen Kenney (908)420-6615 stevek821@gmail.com

Secretary W:. A J Winterwerp (Carol) (240)882-0718 NSL149@cfl.rr.com

Chaplain Glenn E Smith (Kathy) (386)427-4057  glennesmith@cfl.rr.com

Marshall  W:. Allan J Baker (Faye)(386)405-5125  ajgator28@yahoo.com

Senior Deacon   Robert Wheeler  (386)451-6129bobwheeler@earthlink.net

Junior Deacon  Lee Goodman (Phyllis)  (317)345-1931  lppg1931@gmail.com

Senior Steward Chris Van Duyne (386)846-2945  vanduyne.chris@gmail.com

Junior Steward  John Loveland III (Linda) (856)542-0307  jwloveland55@gmail.com

Tyler  W:. Herbert Bacheller(Susan) (386)689-9552  budbach@aol.com

From the Secretary’s Desk

A thank you goes out to Judd Kussrow who is the Web Master operating our web site. He donated the web site to us for the year 2017, Thank You!! Brother s, due to the merger taking place with Daytona LodgeNo.270 and New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 the dues cards will be sent out later than usual so we can include the new Brothers from Daytona Lodge No. 270 in the mailing. Any questions call the Secretary’s office and leave a message and I will get back to you.

Brothers, if your address, phone No., cell phone No., email address has changed or if you got a new email address or cell phone no. please contact the secretary with the changes. I’m a phone call away and leave a message with the change.

Update on Circumscribe: Brothers, Circumscribe is still in the works and Grand Lodge is working with Circumscribe to get it up and running. The dues cards will be paper again this year and put out as it was in 2017 by the Secretary. I have tried to obtain information on when the permanent dues cards with your picture will be sent out for those who have done so. The answer I get back is, it is still in the works to get the permanent dues cards out. So, Brothers all I can say is be patient and when I hear any news I will communicate it to the Craft. You can still sign up on Circumscribe by the instructions that are on line or call me at the office and I will help you to sign up. You will still need to sign up for Circumscribe. So, all brother who have not signed up for Circumscribe yet, need to do so.


Congratulations To:

 Petitions Received: Daryle A. Walke

   Awaiting Degrees:

Entered Apprentice:

Fellow Craft: Brother Troyce William Hudnell

  Awaiting Ballot

 Daryle A. Walke


RESOLUTION FOR DAYTONA LODGES NO. 270 TO MERGE WITH NEW SMRYNA LODGE 149. The Resolution was Balloted on at the September 18, 2017 Stated Communication. The Ballot had to be ¾ vote to approve the merger with the Brothers who attended the Stated Communication. Ballot passed with a UNANAIOUS BALLOT. Daytona Lodge No. 270 will be merging with New Smyrna Lodge No. 149,

The Lodge Hall is available to rent, please call the Secretary at 386-42.-2370

Due to New Smyrna No. 149 being in the 13th Masonic District instead of the 16th Masonic District the Lodge is ordering new name badges for the officers who have 16th Masonic District on their name plates. If you would like to have a name plate contact the Secretary’s office and

A J will order one for you. The cost is $15.00 per name plate to be paid to the Secretary when the name plates come in. Leave a message with your name as you want it on the name plate (spell it out so no mistakes,) and if you are a Past Master. There is a slide plate on them of which you can have Perpetual Member, ?? year member or past Masonic titles. In the message leave a telephone No. to contact you so I can verify what you want on the name plate and to let you know when they come in. I will be placing the order after the first of October 2017

Announcements and Events.

October 2nd, 2017 Stated Communications 6pm Dinner, 7pm Meeting

October 11th, 2017 Masonic Town Hall Meeting with R:.W:. Westerman 5-9pm located @ NS149

October 16th, 2017 Stated Communications 6pm Dinner, 7pm Meeting Welcome Dinner for Brothers From 270 Lodge.


Open Book and School of Instruction at St. Johns Lodge No. 37 every 4th Saturday of the Month, Open Books starts at 8am  and School of Instruction at 9am.


  A J Winterwerp, Secretary

Sickness and Distressed

Brother, Don Boliver is in the hospital with a bladder infection which has gone into sepsis. T C Wilder is having a little problem with his legs and not getting around that good. Michael Hines is back at Ocean View, his contact info is : Ocean View Nursing Home, 2810 S. Atlantic Ave., New Smyrna Beach, Fl. 32169 room# 629, email is mlhines22@hotmail.com Brother try to find time to stop by, email or send a card.



Continued: The year 1919 began on a busy note. In addition to heavy degree work, the Lodge was the host for its first recorded District Meeting. On March 19th, 1919, a resolution was spread on the minutes and a gold star placed on the service flag in memory of Brother John Mooney, the first of our members to make the supreme sacrifice. He died in combat in France. Mothing had been recorded since January 1917, regarding the building of the Temple until March 19th, 1919, when a Special Communications was called to discuss that matter. I could find no record of that Communication being held. On June 4th, 1919, a motion prevailed to change the Stated Communication date back to the first and third Monday. A Special School of Instruction was held here for the first time on October 1st, 1919 with 70 Brothers attending. On October 6th, 1919, a new building committee was appointed to erect a Temple.

To be Continued


Herbert E. (Bud) Bacheller)           Allan J. Baker               James R. Baldwin               Brady S. Benishek

Louis W. Benishek                            David L. Bessette          Brian T. Burke                   J. Mitchell Cole Jr.

Richard W. Culbertson                    Stanley J. Dabrowski   Glennard Decker               Frank H. Dietrich

Ronald L. Dreggors                          William A. Drossman  Eric T. Ellis II                     William H. Evans Jr.

Everett C. Goodwin                          Peter W. Gordon          Walter W. Greatrex            Sabastian Guarneri

Robert L. Hart                                   Michael L. Hines           Leo D. Johns                      George N. Johnson

Stephen L. Kenney                           Mark E. King                  Joseph G. Lockhart           Lloyd W. Morris

Gustav Postreich                              William J. Ptashnik       Gary I. Rogers                    William L. Rogers

Jeff J. Romana                                 William M. Schaeffer     Glenn E. Smith                   Donald H. Tucker

Richard A. Turner                            Christopher R. Van Duyne                                        Jeffery L. Whitlock

Thomas C. Williams                        Allen J. Winterwerp       George A. Wolsfelt


 Everett L. Alexander         Cromer K. Gathers           Thomas C. Johnson PM        Charles R. Baldwin PM

Earnest A. Grandinetti      Jay Rogers PM                   Walker P. Carpenter Jr.PM   Leon C. Groeber

Jerry Siegfried                    Merlle Howard Corbett     Harold R Hibbs PM                William L. Turner

Ronald W. Freeman PM   Eugene Hodges


Elihu A Yale                        Donald L. Brown                Clifton V. Butler                     James R. Delk

Thomas E. Duane              William H. Evans               Joe W. Garrett                        Everett C. Chapman

Kyle F. Hall                         Jack H. Hayman Sr.          Thomas F. Johnson               Calvin I. Langford

Breece A McCray Sr.         William K. McGee             Ben F. McGraw                      Edward Z. Midgett

Jack M. Onie                      Jack W. Reynolds               Robert B. Richardson           Harry J. Rostagno

Gordon S. Smith                Warren A. Swets                 Richard A. Turner                 Edward J. Vaissiere

Benard D. Vasin                Thomas C. Wilder               Carl J Winterwerp                 George A Wolsgel

Harry T. Johnson              Robert C. Bartlett


Andrew Gaden  10/5                            Bud Bacheller  10/7                         Ronald L. Dreggors   10/10

George W Mahan Jr 10/10                 Melvin L. Malachosky 10/10         Thomas C. Williams 10/11

Jody P Palermo 10/15                         Thomas E Duane  10/20                 Randolph M Stevens 10/21

Warren Swets  10/24                           Seymour R. Parrish  10/27             Frank H. Dietrich  10/29

Gene R. Miller   10/29

The Grand Lodge of Florida F. & A.M.

Grand Master

M:. W:. Richard G. Hoover

St. Petersburg, Florida

District Deputy Grand Master                                                  District Instructor

R:. W:. Donald H. Tucker (Kathy)                                                R:. I:. Tracy Chastain (Donna)

2131 Springwater Lane                                                                            1250 Bee Lane

Port Orange, Florida 32168                                                                Geneva, Florida 32732

H: (386)760-3214, C: (386)602-1182                                                    C: (407)687-3191

donkat9750@aol.com                                                                tdchastain@yahoo.com


Finance:  SW Mark King, W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney, Jack Mounts

Vigilance: JW Dave Drake, W:. Bud Bacheller, W:. Matt Schaeffer

Petitions:  W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney

Masonic Education:  RW:. Donald H. Tucker, SD Robert Wheeler, JD Lee Goodman

Board of Relief:   Master and Wardens

Charity:   Master and Wardens

Lodge Mentors:  W:. Bill Greatrex, SW Mark King

Lodge Instructors: SW Mark King, SD Robert Wheeler, JS John Loveland

Grand Lodge Website:  W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney, Andre Narciese

Fund Raiser:  W:. Allan J. Baker, SW Mark King, Paul Line


New Smyrna Lodge 149, 1st & 3rd Mondays               Landmark Lodge 383, 2nd & 4th Thursdays

Ormond Beach Lodge 326, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays        Sirius Sushine Lodge 402, 2nd Tuesday

Volusia Lodge 77, 2nd & 4th Mondays                          Sanford Lodge 62, 1st & 3rd Thursday s

St. Johns Lodge 37, 2nd & 4th Tuesday s                    Halifax Lodge 81, 1st & 3rd Thursday s

Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 3 meets 2nd and 4th Monday at NSL No. 149 at 7:30 PM

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