Volume 17 Issue 7


New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F&AM

Trestle Board July 2017

New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F&AM 300 N. Riverside Dr.

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 (386) 423-2370 nsl149@cfl.rr.com www.newsmyrnalodge149.org

The Worshipful Master requests your attendance at our Stated Communication

July 17th, 2017

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From the East

Brothers, it is the beginning of Summer and we will now be “gray” for 3 Months. Meetings will be held only on the 3rd Monday of the Month for July, August, and September, to resume with bi-Monthly meeting in October. Grand Lodge went very well with our Senior Warden, Mark King, Junior Warden, David Drake, and myself representing our Lodge. We voted for legislation the way our lodge discussed at our meeting. We now have R:.W:. Donald Tucker representing our District and Lodge as our DDGM and look forward in working with him this year. Also, our district has been changed from the 16th Masonic District to the 13th Masonic District due to consolidation. Our District hasn’t changed much, only the loss of Bunnell Lodge to another District. The Grand Masters official visit to the 13th District will be June 24th at Sanford Convention Center, followed by the meeting at Sanford Lodge. We have a lot of members that will be away, including our Senior and Junior Wardens. I encourage all members to attend this momentous event and bring your wives or girlfriends to show great support for our new Grand Master Richard Hoover. This is a great Dinner and Meeting and its Free! Please come out and show support, and I’ll see you there. The electric project at the lodge is almost completed and we should come in well below our projected budget. We have a couple other projects in the works that we might proceed with due to that fact.

Lastly, we have a Master Masons dinner coming up at our Lodge on July 5th. This year the meeting are traveling from Lodge to Lodge for each meeting. Please come out and enjoy dinner and fellowship. Dinner at 6pm, meeting at 7pm. Learn what’s going on in our District!

Fraternally, WM:. Walter G. Layton

From the West

Hello, my brothers, your Officers attended the Grand Lodge Communication in Orlando at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. We were not alone, all but 3 Florida Lodges attended. There were over 1300 Master Masons and more than 800 voting Delegates present. We were told that there were 200 more Master Masons attending this year than attended last year’s Communication that was held in Jacksonville. The Officers of your Lodge voted as the Craft had indicated, and here are the results of the voting.  The requirement to have any Brother nominated and elected to the Junior Wardens position must complete Master Mason exam 1, 2, 3 and pass. The committee on work was expanded from 15 to 18 members passed. To help fill the Masonic home, non-masons will be allowed into the Masonic home under the private pay plan, passed. The change to our election; nominations for Lodge Officers must be submitted by no later than the first of November and none will be excepted after that date, passed. Dual members in Florida may now be add to the list of eligible members to sign a petition for a U. D. Lodge. To help the secretaries and reduce the paper only one copy of a by-law change will be needed to be sent to the Grand Lodge passed. Resident guests in the life care plan at the Masonic home are not required to be placed on emeritus status if they are already dues and per capita exempt passed. This may not answer all your questions about the new dues cards but will help with some. Permanent dues cards will now carry the Grand Secretary signature and the requirement for the Lodge Secretary’s to issue annual dues cards to Perpetual or Life members is rescinded, passed.  This is a move that may help with lodges considering mergers or consolidations. Particular Lodges must hold any property in the name of the Lodge set out in its Charter or in the name of a Masonic center association no other name authorized, passed. And great news for our newly named Majestic 13th District R:.W:. Tommy L. Turllington was elected Junior Grand Warden. Our own Brother, R:.W:. Donald H. Tucker is the new District Deputy Grand Master of the new 13th Masonic District. R:.H:. Tracy Chastain from Sanford Lodge 62 is the new District Instructor. For those who have not noticed Senior Deacon Robert Wheeler has made a very welcome addition to the lodge. On the second floor outside the Lodge Room is a great addition, a water cooler. Thank you, Senior Deacon Wheeler. Being a member of New Smyrna Chapter NO 3 of the Eastern Star, I want to thank all my Brothers for the help with the Eastern Star’s official visit dinner. It was awesome, what an outstanding show of support, thank you. Things are moving quickly in the merger with Daytona 270. The Resolution was read at both Lodges for the first reading and were accepted. Now it will be held over for the proper time period, put in the Trestle Board and voted on at our July Stated Communications. Enjoy the summer


Senior Warden Mark King  



Worshipful Master      Walter G. Layton(Edie)                             856-498-7186 walteed50@yahoo.com

Senior Warden               Mark King(Bonnie)                                   386-957-3075 coldduck625@aol.com

Junior Warden               Dave Drake(Kirsten)                        386-314-3566 captaindavedrake@gmail.com

Treasurer                          Stephen Kenney                                         908-420-6615 stevek821@gmail.com

Secretary                           W:. Allen (AJ) Winterwerp(Carol)         240-882-0718 NSL140@cfl.rr.com

Chaplain                             Glenn Smith(Kathy)                                 386-427-4057 glennsmith@cfl.rr.com

Marshall                             W:. Allan J Baker(Faye)                          386-405-5125 ajgator28@yahoo.com

Senior Deacon                  Robert Wheeler                                         386-451-6129 bobwheeler@eartlink.net

Junior Deacon                   Lee Goodman(Phillis)                              317-345-1931 lppg1931@gmail.com

Senior Steward                  Chris Van Duyne                                      386-846-2945 vanduyne5

Junior Steward                  John Loveland III                                   856-542-0307 jwloveland55@gmail.com

Tyler                                      W:. Herbert (Bud) Bacheller(Susan)       386-689-952 budbach@aol.com

From the Secretary’s Desk

Brothers, if your address, phone No., cell phone No., email address has changed or if you got a new email address or cell phone no. please contact the secretary with the changes. I’m a phone call away and leave a message with the change.

Update on Circumscribe: The year, 2017 was the last year the Lodge will be sending out dues cards. The dues cards will be through Circumscribe for the year 2018. So, all brother who have not signed up for Circumscribe yet, need to do so. If you want help I still have the information on the back of the Trestle Board and any Brother can call the Secretary’s office and leave a message with phone number for me to contact, and get you all registered. The change isn’t coming but is HERE for all of us. You will need an email address.

Even the Trestle Board will be sent to Circumscribe and will be mailed to the Brothers depending on your preference. But it will be a while before the Trestle Board is sent out by Circumscribe.

Congratulations To:

R:. W:. Donald H. Tucker is the NEW Right Worshipful District Grand Master of the 13th Masonic District. R:.W:. Tucker is a Perpetual Member of New Smyrna Lodge

Awaiting Degree

Fellow Craft: Brother Troyce William Hudnell

         Master Mason: Warren Earl Carman III is waiting for a Master Mason Degree.

Awaiting Ballot


A Resolution was read at the June 19th, 2017 Stated Communication for the first reading. The Resolution is to have Daytona Lodge 270 merge with New Smyrna Lodge 149. On the back of the Trestle board is the Resolution as read at the Stated Communication. The Vote to MERGE with Daytona Lodge 270 will be at the Stated Communications on July 17,2017

Brothers, The Resolution to have Daytona Lodge 270 merge with New Smyrna Lodge No 149 was read at the July 17th, 2017 Stated Communications and Balloted on. It took a 3/4 vote of the Brothers present at the Stated Communications to pass.  THE BALLOT WAS UNANIMOUS. The Resolution will now be sent to Grand Lodge of Florida for the Grand Masters approval.

The Lodge Hall is available to rent, please call the Secretary at 386-423-2370

Announcements and Event.

June 24th, 2017 13th and 16th Grand Master’s visit


July 5th, 2017 Master Mason Association Dinner at New Smyrna Beach 6pm dinner 7pm meeting

July 17th, 2017 Stated Meeting, 6pm dinner, 7pm Meeting

August 7th, 2017 NO MEETING


A J Winterwerp, Secretary

A note from our Chaplin

A.J. & Steve
Could you please see that this contact information gets put in the Trestle Board so our brothers can visit and or contact brother Hines. Brother Hines checks his computer every evening and loves getting messages, though he usually does not type replies due to his physical limitation.
Michael can type a couple of words to acknowledge receipt, but that’s about it and it’s a huge effort to do so.
So if you can not find time to stop by, drop him a card, or an e-mail line to say “HI” to our N.S. Lodge 149 brother. He read all of the Trestle Boards posted and keeps up with all that is going on in our district; he remains a faithful Master Mason even though he is restricted to his room almost every hour of each day, so please take a moment and help make his day a bit brighter.
 Ocean View Nursing Home
2810 S. Atlantic Ave.
New Smyrna, Fl. 32169
Michael Hines, Room # 629
May The Great Architect of the Universe bless you.
Glenn E. Smith, Chaplain New Smyrna Lodge 149


Ben F McGraw               7/3               Jack T Curran                 7/4                                 Ron J Sachs                 7/4

Gordon S Smith             7/5               Michael Blickenstaff     7/6                                 Irvil G Rogers             7/6

Chris Pappas                 7/7                 Jeffery L Whitlock       7/9                                 Donald K Doidge Sr 7/10

Donald Taylor               7/11               Grand B Carpenter       7/14                               Jim O Romano           7/1

Thomas C Wilder Jr       7/14             Wayne F Besaw             7/16                               Glennard Decker     7/16

Stephen D Miklos         7/17               Allan J Baker                   7/19                               Eligi N Coleman Jr     7/19

Lee R Goodman            7/21              Edmund J Pantalone Jr 7/23                               William P Line           7/29

Eliga A Yale                     7/30


Continued: A Special Communication was held on January 19th, 1912, to discuss building a Temple. A new Committee was appointed to confer with several builders to get their best terms to construct the Temple. During these discussions, an offer was made to the Lodge by Brother George H. Werfelman to trade his lot on the northeast corner of Canal and Orange Streets for the one owned by the Lodge on the southeast corner of Canal and Orange Streets. On February 23rd, 1912, the Lodge accepted the offer from Brother Werfelman of his lot on the northeast corner of Canal and Orange Streets. The deed was prepared and delivered at a cost of $1.50. On June 17th, 1912, a motion prevailed to sell the property on Canal Street for the sum of $2000.00 and the provision that the buyer build a two-story building with a Lodge room on the second floor within one year of the date of transfer. The sale did not take place, However, Brother Werfelman did build on the southeast corner of Canal and Orange Streets and provided a Lodge room on the second floor. The Lodge moved to this new building in October 1912 and remained there until April 1927, at an initial rental of $30.00 per month. The year 1912 ended with 71 members. The dues were still $3.00 per year. The minutes over these early years reflect the charitable work of the Lodge to be generous beyond its small income. Every request for help was responded to in some way. Letters almost always got a $2.00 donation, sometimes as much as $25.00. In 1906, $40.00 ws sent to the victims of the San Francisco disaster. Many times, loans were made of up to $75.00 to Brothers who had fallen on hard times. Hospital and doctor bills were paid and the funeral expenses for on Brother’s wife was paid at a cost of $200.00. By the standards of today, those amounts seem paltry, by the standards of those days, it is easy to see that those Brethren were willing to dig deep into their pockets when the need arose.   To be Continued

 Active Perpetual Members

Herbert E. Bacheller, PM                David J. Ellis                             Joseph G. Lockhart Jr., PM

James R. Baldwin PM                      Eric T. Ellis                                Lloyd W. Morris

Louis W. Benishek, PM                    William H. Evans PM             Gustav Postreich, PM

Brady Benishek                                  William J Ptashnik, PM          William M. Schaeffer PM

David L. Bessette                               Everett C. Goodwin                  Gary Rogers PM

Brian T Burke                                      Peter W. Gordon                     William Rogers

Mitchell Cole                                       Walter W. Greatrex, PM          Jeff J. Romano, PM

Richard W. Culbertson                      Sebastian Guarneri, PM         Donald H. Tucker, PM

Stanley J. Dabrowski,PM                  Robert L. Hart                           Richard A. Turner

Frank H. Dietrich                                James D. Humphrey                Allen J. Winterwerp PM

Ronald L. Dreggors                             Leo D. Johns                              George A. Wolsfelt

William A. Drossman                          George N. Johnson, PM          Thomas Williams

Stephen L. Kenney                               Christopher Van Duyne            Glenn Smith

Allan J. Baker                                        Mark E. King

Celestial Perpetual Members

Everett L. Alexander Sr.                       Merlle Howard Corbett             Leon C. Groeber

Charles R. Baldwin Sr.                           Ronald W. Freeman, PM          Lloyd Haynie, PM

Walker P. Carpenter Jr., PM                 Cromer K. Gathers                     Harold R. Hibbs, PM

Edward C. Copenhaver, PM                   Earnest A. Grandinetti             Eugene Hodges

Thomas C. Johnson, PM                         Jerry Siegfried                            William L. Turner

Jay Rogers, PM                                          Bill Smith

Honorary Perpetual Members

Louis W. Benishek II                                Joe A. Fleties, PGM                    Charles E. McLaughlin, PM

Steven P. Boring, GM                               John R, Givins, PGM                  J. Dick Martinez, PGM

Elmer F. Coffman, PGM                          Dale I. Goehrig, PGM                  Glen W. Phillips II, PGM

Edward Michael Copenhaver                 Jim J. Harris, PGM                       Roy C. Sheppard, PGM

Jack Allen Couture, PGM                        Robert P. Harry Jr., PGM            Robert D. Trump, PGM

Samuel Edgar Cowan, PGM                    Stephen Holcomb, PDDGM        Thomas Worrell, PM

Keith William Dean, PGM                       John F, Kavanaugh, PGM             W. L. Turner “Fund”

James A. Durham Jr., PGM                     Louis A. King, PGM

Memorial Perpetual Members

George M. Cable                                         Ted Harris, DDGM                        Anthony J. Quaglietta Jr.

John N. Cain Sr.                                          Earnest L. Humphrey Sr.

50 Year Plus Brothers

Breece E Bennett                    Donald L Brown          Clifton V Butler             James R Delk

Thomas E Duane                    William H Evans          Joe W Garrett               Everett C Chapman

Kyle F Hall                              Jack H Hayman Sr        Thomas F Johnson       Calvin L Langford

Breece a McCray Sr               William K McGee        Ben F McGraw               Edward Z Midgett

Jack M Onie                            Jack W Reynolds          Robert B Richardson   Harry J Rostagno

Gordon S Smith                      Warren A Swets           Richard A Turner         Edward J Vaissiere

Benard D Vlasin                      Thomas C Wilder         Carl J Winterwerp        George A Wolsfelt

               The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida F. & A.M

                                                         Grand Master

                                             M:.W:. Richard G. Hoover

                                                  St Petersburg, Florida

District Deputy Grand Master        District Instructor        

R:. W:. Donald H. Tucker (Kathy)                                              R:. I:. Tracy Chastain (Donna)

2131 Springwater Lane                                                                           1250 Bee Lane

Port Orange Florida, 32128                                                         Geneva, Florida 32732

H: 386-760-3214 C: 386-602-1182                                          C: 407-687-3191

Dankat9750@aol.com                                                                tdchastain@yahoo.com

New Smyrna Lodge Committees for 2017

Finance: SW Mark King, W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney, Jack Mounts

Vigilance: JW Dave Drake, W:. Bud Bacheller, W:. Matt Schaeffer

Petitions:, W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney

Masonic Education: RH:. Donald H. Tucker, SD Robert Wheeler, JD Lee


Board of Relief: Master and Wardens

Charity: Master and Wardens

Lodge Mentors: W:. Bill Greatrex, SW Mark King

Lodge Property: JW Dave Drake, SS Chris Van Duyne, JS John Loveland III

Lodge Instructors: SW Mark King, SD Bob Wheeler, JS John Loveland III

Investigation Committee: Assigned by Master

Catechism Instructors: W:. Bill Greatrex, SW Mark King, SD Bob Wheeler, JS

John Loveland

Grand Lodge Web Committee: W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney,  Andre Narciese

Fund Raiser Committee: W:. Allan Baker, SW Mark King, Paul Line,

16th Masonic District Meetings

New Smyrna 149, 1st & 3rd Mondays           Landmark 383, 2nd & 4th Thursdays

Ormond Beach 326, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays       Sirius Sunshine 402, 1st Tuesday

Volusia 77, 2nd & 4th Mondays                    Daytona Bach 270, 2nd & 4th Wednesdays

Bunnell 200, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays                    Sanford 62, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

St. Johns 37, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays                   Halifax 81, 1st & 3rd Thursdays

Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 3 meets 2nd and 4th Monday at NSL No. 149 at 7:30 PM

Visit us on the Web for current information at http://newsmyrnalodge149.org/

                                       RESOLUTION OF MERGER

WHEREAS Daytona Beach Lodge No 270 has had significant and continuing decline in membership and attendance such that it is impossible to fill the Stations and Places for the Masonic year commencing January 2017, and

WHEREAS New Smyrna Lodge No 149 is financially sound and desirous of expanding its membership rolls with the brethren of Daytona Beach Lodge No 270 who have had and continue to maintain a close and harmonious relationship

THEREFORE there being sufficient grounds to warrant a merger pursuant to Section 16.04 of the Masonic Law of Florida, it is proposed that Daytona Beach Lodge No 270 merge with New Smyrna Lodge No 149.

  1. It is hereby proposed and planned that New Smyrna Lodge No 149 shall retain its name and charter and shall be referred to as the Continuing Lodge, while Daytona Beach Lodge No 270 shall surrender its charter and shall be referred to as the Merging Lodge.


  1. It is hereby proposed and planned that on or about five (5) days before the date of the merger the Treasurers of the Merging and Continuing Lodges shall:
  1. ensure all outstanding debts of the merging Lodge are paid.
  2. conduct an accounting of all funds.
  3. ensure the balance of the funds of the merging Lodge’s several accounts are deposited in the several accounts of the Continuing Lodge mindful that general funds and charitable funds shall not be co-mingled.
  1. It is hereby proposed and planned that on or about five (5) days before the date of the merger the Secretaries of the Merging and Continuing Lodges shall:
  1. assimilate records from the Merging Lodge into the records of the Continuing Lodge.
  2. safeguard the papers and similar items of the Merging Lodge which have heretofore been determined by the Master and Officers of the Merging Lodge to warrant such safekeeping.
  1. It is hereby proposed and planned that the Masters and Officers of the Merging and Continuing Lodges ensure the transport of all property to the Continuing Lodge, placed in storage, or donated to a needy Lodge.
  2. It is hereby proposed and planned that the implementation of the resolution for the proposed merger be scheduled for presentation as follows:
    1. to the Merging Lodge on                June 14, 2017.
    2. to the Continuing Lodge on           June 19, 2017.
    3. Voted on by the Merging Lodge July 12, 2017
    4. Voted on by the Continuing Lodge July 17, 2017
    5. To the Grand Master for approval or disapproval on July 18, 2017
    6. Read into the Lodges minutes August 9, 2017 for the Merging Lodge and August 21, 2017 for the Continuing Lodge.
    7. Approved by ¾ vote of the Craft September 13, 2017 for the Merging Lodge and September 18, 2017 for the Continuing Lodge.
    8. With a final merger date of September 30, 2017

WHEREFORE the following elected officers, having reviewed and approved the proposed Resolution of Merger set their hands this ______ day of _____________, 2017

________________________________                    ______________________________

Worshipful Master                                                       Senior Warden

________________________________                    _______________________________Junior Warden                                                           Treasurer_________________________________ Secretary