New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F&AM of Florida

Trestle Board March 2018

New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F&AM

300 N. Riverside Dr.

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 (386) 423-2370



The Worshipful Master requests your attendance at our Stated

Communications March 5th & 19th, 2018



Hello my Brothers. I am pleased to share all the good news our Lodge has been working on. We have been able to get our dish washer repaired, instruction on the use of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator, and our building power washed. We’re having 2 breakfasts a month with very good support from our community and Brothers. Our SW Al Woodstock is in the process of replacing the 2 air conditioners in the kitchen. We will try and completing the electrical project and get bids on replacing the build’s air conditioner. We will be taking a road trip to the Grand Lodge in Jacksonville on Saturday March 10th. We will leave from our lodge at 8:30am. Be sure to contact our secretary to let him know you are coming. The Grand Secretary M:. W:. Richard Lynn will provide lunch. This is a great opportunity to visit and see your Grand Lodge, and one that doesn’t” come around very often.  W:. Walter Layton will be doing the Fellow Craft degree at our March 19th Meeting for 3 of our EA’s. Please attend and show your support for these Brothers. One more thing I must share with you, the Brothers who have been helping with the breakfasts could use a break. These Brothers have been at almost every breakfast we have had. I am Hoping to see some new Brothers at our next breakfast which will be on Saturday March 24th. Your support is needed to continue these breakfasts.

Mark E. King, Worshipful Master


Greetings My Brothers,

It’s March and time for Spring. The first meeting March 5 is the time to approve the budget. March 10 we are travelling to the Grand Lodge. Leaving from New Smyrna at 8:30 am. March 13 visiting St Johns 37. We have a Fellow Craft Degree on March 19. We have been meeting on Wednesday evenings to practice for this degree. Hopefully by the time you read this, we will have installed 2 new air conditioners in the kitchen. With the approved budget, we will finish the electrical work and a few other projects that need work. We had the cables on the roof checked out and it looks like they will need to be replaced in 2 to 5 years.

That’s all for now. Take care and be safe.

Al Woodstock PM, Senior Warden


 Worshipful Master:       Mark E. King (Bonnie)                (386)957-3075          coldduck625@aol.com

Senior Warden:               H. Al Woodstock III (Laura)        (386)852-6012          hwoodstockiii@cfl.rr.com

Junior Warden:               John Loveland III (Linda)            (856)542-0307          jwloveland55@gmail.com

Treasurer:                          Stephen Kenney                             (908)420-6615           stevek821@gmail.com

Secretary:                           W:. A J Winterwerp (Carol)         (240)882-0718          NSL149@cfl.rr.com

Chaplain:                           Glenn E Smith (Kathy)               (386)427-4057          glennesmith@cfl.rr.com

Marshall:                             W:. Walter G. Layton (Edie)        (856)498-7186          walteed50@yahoo.com

Senior Deacon:                 Robert Segarra                              (727)623-6399

Junior Deacon:                 Jon T Bodien (Angelique)           (386)689-2338          jonb1032@gmail.com

Senior Steward:               Michael Dowell (Debe)               (303)875-7480         grmschlr101@gmail.com

Junior Steward:               Douglas Everson (Deborah)       (407)461-0668          flagentman@yahoo.com

Tyler:                                    W:. Herbert Bacheller (Susan)     (386)689-9552          budbach@aol.com

Historian:                           W:. Herbert Bacheller (Susan)     (386)689-9552          budbach@aol.com



Thank you to the Brothers who have paid your 2018 Dues. If you haven’t paid your dues, please do so as soon as possible. Any problems paying your dues contact the Worshipful Master or Secretary. If you have registered on line with Circumscribe, you can pay your dues on line or you can mail the Dues notice back in to the Secretary’s office and I will take care of it. NOTICE: The P.O. Box 1954, Daytona Beach, FL 32115-1954 has been discontinued. Please address all correspondence to the address at the top of the page.


Worshipful Mark E. King on receiving his Certificate and pin for completing the Masonic Leadership Training Course


 Brothers Culp, Leone, Olijnyk, and Mitchell (from St. Johns 37) on being Passed to Fellow Craft 3/19/2018


Carlo Monetti for Affiliation by Transfer of Membership



     Dylan M.Allman

                                                                                    FELLOW CRAFT

Brothers: Daryle Allen Walke, Joshua Allen Clup,

Jesse Dominick Leone, Angel Lopez Olijnyk



We will be traveling to visit the Grand Lodge of Florida on March 10th, 2018. M:. W:. Lynn, the Grand Secretary will be giving us a tour of Grand Lodge Bldg. along with the museum and will provide lunch for us. This is open not only to Brothers of New Smyrna Lodge, but also to any Brother who is a Master Mason visiting us for the winter. Call the Lodge and leave a message or email the Secretary that you would like to attend so we have a count for M:. W:. Lynn. We will leave the Lodge at 8:30am.

A Resolution was read at the 2/05/18 Stated Communications to confer an Honorary Perpetual Membership upon Brother John E. Karroum PDDGM. A motion and second vto accept the Resolution as read, motion passed. The Resolution will be held over for 30 days and voted on at the April 2nd, Stated Communications.


March 5th Stated Communications, March 19th Fellow Craft Degree, 6 pm dinner, 7pm Degree, 3/13 visit to St Johns Lodge 37 for the Traveling Gavel 7:30 meeting. New Smyrna OES Chapter 3 Installation 3/3 at 2pm, March 10th visit to Grand Lodge of Fl. Leave Lodge at 8:30am, 3/24 Breakfast at Lodge 7-11am, 3/31 Easter Egg Extravaganza w/Child ID 10am-1pm.  Practices will be at the Lodge every Wednesday at 6pm.Open Book and School of Instruction at St. Johns Lodge No. 37 every 4th Saturday of the Month, Open Books starts at 8am and School of Instruction at 9am.

Fraternally, A J Winterwerp PM, Secretary


Brother Glenn E Smith had cardiac catherization, keep T C Wilder in your prayers, Dave Crossen PM who has Alzheimer’s, Clay Simons PDDGM and his wife, R:.W:. Don Tucker’s wife and daughter, Gary Roger PM who is home but needs a kidney. Prayers for the families who were involved in the Miami School Shooting.


Thomas W. Aiken, PDDGM                    Craig N. Albright, PM                    Herbert E. Bacheller PM

Allan J. Baker PM                                     James R. Baldwin PM                   Brady Benishek

Louis W. Benishek PM                             David L. Bessette                           Christopher G. Buffini, PM

Howard C. Chase, PM                               J. Mitchell Cole                               David W. Crossen, PM

Richard W. Culbertson                             William F. Culbertson, Sr, PM     Stanley J. Dabrowski PM

Glennard Decker                                        Frank H. Dietrich                            Ronald L. Dreggors

William A. Drossman                                David J. Ellis                                    Eric T. Ellis PM

William H. Evans PM                                George O. Farrell                            Daniel E. Feagle, Jr, PM

Ralph N. Flippo, PM                                  William Q. Flippo                           Everett C. Goodwin

Walter W. Greatrex PM                            James A. Greene, PM                     Mark A. Greene, PM

Sebastian Guarneri, PDDGM                  Daniel H. Haley                               Phillip J. Haley

Robert L. Hart                                            Michael L. Hines                             James D. Humphrey

Jack W. Irwin                                              Leo D. Johns                                    George N. Johnson, PM

Stephen L. Kenney                                     Mark E. King                                    David Lawrence, PDDGM

Joseph G. Lockhart, PM                           George R. Morris, PM                     George R. Morris III

Lloyd W. Morris                                         John C. Niebielski                           Thomas M. Patton

Edgar L. Phillips                                         William J Ptashnik, PM                 Gustav Postreich, PM

Ian Ramsbottom                                         Elbert L. Reames, Jr                       Gary Rogers, PM

William Rogers                                           Jeff J. Romano, PM                        Matt Schaeffer, PM

Gary H. Seibert                                           Timothy H. Self                               John T. Self

Clayton E. Simons, PDDGM                    Clayton E. Simons, Jr                    Glenn E. Smith

Kenneth W. Smith                                     Robert J. Stone, PM                       Brian R. Toung, PM

Donald H. Tucker, DDGM                       Richard A. Turner                          Christopher Van Duyne

Chester E. Weichey                                   Jeffery L. Whitlock                          Allen J. Winterwerp, PM

George A. Wolsfelt                                     Thomas Williams                          Dylan G. Woods

Henry A. Woodstock, PM


Louis W. Benishek II                         Joe A. Fleties, PGM                     Charles E. McLaughlin, PM

Steven P. Boring,PGM                      John R, Givins, PGM                     J. Dick Martinez, PGM

Elmer F. Coffman, PGM                    Dale I. Goehrig, PGM                   Glen W. Phillips II, PGM

Edward Michael Copenhaver            Jim J. Harris, PGM                      Roy C. Sheppard, PGM

Jack Allen Couture, PGM                    Robert P. Harry Jr., PGM          Robert D. Trump, PGM

Samuel Edgar Cowan, PGM                Stephen Holcomb, PDDGM      Thomas Worrell, PM

Keith William Dean, PGM                   John F, Kavanaugh, PGM         W. L. Turner “Fund”

James A. Durham Jr., PGM                 Louis A. King, PGM                  Stanley L Hudson PGM

Richard G Hoover GM


James C. Allen                    Robert C. Bartlett             Ernest Beasley, Jr           Bernard J. Brown

Donald L. Brown                  Clifton V. Butler              Harold F. Byrd                Everett C. Chapman

Wilber K. Corbin                  James R. Delk                 Thomas E. Duane            Miles O. Edge, Jr

William H. Evans                 Ralph N. Flippo               Joe W. Garrett                 Kyle F. Hall

Jack H. Hayman Sr.            Jack W. Irwin                   Harry T. Johnson           Thomas F. Johnson

Calvin I. Langford               Breece A. McCray Sr.       William K. McGee          Ben F. McGraw

Edward Z. Midgett              George R. Morris              Jack M. Onie                   George M. Pilcher, Jr

Clarence E. Puckridge        Henry D. Randall              Elbert L. Reames, Jr      Jack W. Reynolds

Robert B. Richardson         Harry J. Rostagno            Warren A. Sets                Clayton E Simons

Glenn L. Smith                     Gordon S. Smith               R. T. Smith                      George G. Telesh

Tom H. Thompson, Jr          Richard A. Turner              Edward J. Vaissiere          Benard D.Vasin

Chester E. Weichey             Thomas C. Wilder             Carl J Winterwerp             George A Wolsgel Elihu A Yale


Norman Slifkin              3/2        Louis Benishek              3/3        Edward M. Dunn           3/3

Donald E.Boliver           3/5        Charles P Kyle                3/5        Robert B Richardson     3/5

Calvin L Langford          3/9        Carlo Monetti                3/12      Clayton E Simons         3/14

William H. Evans Jr.      3/15      Curtiss J Shorkey         3/15      Ghassan M Resian        3/16

Joe W.  Garrett              3/17      Bryan D King                  3/18      Arlington B Young         3/18

Richard L Chesser Jr     3/19      Dennis M Jones            3/19      Jesse H Tankersley       3/22

Charles L Ogram           3/23      James H Richard Jr      3/23      Daniel R Willman         3/23

Mitchell Cole, Jr.          3/24       Eric A Gerhardt             3/24      Richard K Rodgers        3/24

Michael H.Fielder           3/26      Patrick Cody Conroy   3/27      Dustin R Hunsaker        3/28

Burton K Jordon            3/28      Kevin W Percy               3/28      Lawrence ALong            3/29

Roy A   Malphurs Jr       3/29      Brian R Toung               3/29      Richard ATurner           3/30

Edward Z Midgett           3/31

The Grand Lodge of Florida F. & A.M.

Grand Master

M:. W:. Richard G. Hoover

District Deputy Grand Master                                                    District Instructor

R:. W:. Donald H. Tucker (Kathy)                                                R:. H:. Tracy Chastain (Donna)

2131 Springwater Lane                                                                                1250 Bee Lane

Port Orange, Florida 32168                                                                  Geneva, Florida 32732

H: (386)760-3214, C: (386)602-1182                                                   C: (407)687-3191

Donkat9750@aol.com                                                                    tdchastain@yahoo.com



Finance:                               SW H. Al Woodstock III PM, A. J. Winterwerp PM, Steve Kenney,

Howard Chase PM, Tom Aiken PDDGM

Vigilance:                            JW John Loveland III, Walter G. Layton PM, Donald Needham PM

 Petitions:                            W:. A J Winterwerp, Steve Kenney, W:. Howard Chase

Masonic Education:         Tom Aiken PDDGM, Lee Goodman, Chris Van Duyne.

Board of Relief :                Master and Wardens

Charity:                                 Master and Wardens

Lodge Mentors:                 SD Robert Segarra, Donald Needham PM, Howard Chase PM 

Instructors:                         Bill Greatrex PM, Walter Layton PM, SS Jon Bodien, Warren Carman

Lodge Instructor:              Walter Layton PM      

Fund Raiser:                       JS Doug Everson, Allan J. Baker PM, Paul Line

125 Year Committee:       Bud Bacheller PM, JD Robert Segarra, Chris Van Duyne,


New Smyrna Lodge 149, 1st & 3rd Mondays                        Landmark Lodge 383, 2nd & 4th Thursdays

Ormond Beach Lodge 326, 2nd & 4th Tuesday s                   Sirius Sunshine Lodge 402, 2nd Tuesday

Volusia Lodge 77, 2nd & 4th Mondays                                 Sanford Lodge 62, 1st & 3rd Thursdays

St. Johns Lodge 37, 2nd & 4th Tuesday s                            Halifax Lodge 81, 1st & 3rd Thursday s

Order of the Eastern Star Chapter 3 meets 2nd and 4th Monday at NSL No. 149 at 7:30 PM

Visit us on the Web for current information at http://newsmyrnalodge149.org