Welcome To New Smyrna Lodge No. 149 F.&.A.M.

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Calendar of Events

Check out our calendar to find all the relevant information about what is going on at our lodge, around the district, and with our appendant organizations.

Become A Mason

In order to become a Freemason you must be a man, of lawful age, and believe in a supreme being. If that’s you, all you need is a petition for membership!

About Us

Freemasons are one of the oldest, largest, and most charitable fraternal organizations in the world. We are proud of who we are and what we do.

Our Mission & Vision

Good Men, Making Good Men, Better Through Fellowship.

Masonry can be traced back thousands of years, however, the practice of being a Freemason today is not about laying bricks or building a monument. Instead the practice of Freemasonry has taken on a new and more noble purpose of trying to teach morality to men in our community through the illustration of symbols veiled in allegory. Our goal is simple: Make good men better by devoting time and instruction to doing good and charitable work in our lodge and in our community.

From the Worshipful Master

Take a look at the current “Trestle Board” to see what goes on in the lodge!

Come and learn what it means to be a Mason

If you are interested in being a Mason the easiest way to learn more is to come up to the lodge and talk with actual Masons! The internet is filled with misinformation and speculation, why not hear it straight from the horses’ mouth?

Plan a VisitWhat to Expect


We gather the First and Third Mondays of Every Month

Dinner at 6pm, Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer at 7pm, Closed Meeting after.


Plan Your Visit

We invite all members of the community, regardless of age, gender, race, or background, to join us for a meal in our lodge and enjoy wonderful company!

Petition the Brothers

If you are a man, at least 18, of good background, and are interested in becoming a Mason, all you have to do is ask the Secretary for a petition.

Become a Brother

Once you have petitioned the lodge, the brothers will vote on your acceptance and you will be admitted to receiving the symbolic degrees of Masonry.